Sharon PLant

With 30 years experience in creativity and the support of creativity in others, I work primarily in four areas:

1. Aspects of Exmoor on Lower East Lyn Farm is an arts business set up:

a) to nurture and inaugurate arts events on Exmoor, starting with Art Days, in which guests can develop personal art skills and exhibit artworks in an online exhibition commemorating life on Exmoor

b) as an opportunity for me to exhibit artworks that I have been creating of local landmarks

2. Words: As an author, ghostwriter, editor and copywriter, I produce fiction as well as work for global companies on product enhancement and creative naming programmes

3. Events: As one of the founding figures for the New Designers exhibition, I have been involved in numerous art, design and architecture events, working with young and established creatives across the UK, initiating and curating exhibitions here and abroad. More recently I was the festival coordinator for the inaugural London Design Festival. Currently I tour architectural practices to talk about the value and impact of colour in our lives.

4. Education: For seven years I was the Director of the Sorrell Foundation based in Somerset House, leading the joinedupdesignforschools programme.

I was the organizer of a 14month national exhibition tour, which culminated at The Palace of Westminster, demonstrating to government the value of school building regeneration. I led the pupil engagement programme for City Academy Hackney, working with architects Studio E, to win the Innovation in Student Engagement award at the Excellence in BSF (Building Schools for the Future) Awards, 2009